koren ginsing general body tonic for well being

koren ginsing general body tonic for well being

is said to mean ''the wonder of the world''. Korean (Panax) Ginseng has

many beneficial effects on the body and is most often used as a general

body tonic to maintain health and well-being. From the earliest times,

it has been claimed that Ginseng exerts a strengthening effect on the

body, while also raising physical and mental capacity for work. These

properties have been defined as an ''adaptogenic effect''.

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may build up general mental and physical vitality and resistance by

strengthening and stimulating the endocrine glands, which control All

basic physiological processes. Ginseng may prove effective in restoring

normal adrenal gland function after periods of stress. Research has

demonstrated the anti-fatigue effect of Ginseng. Ginseng may also stimulate

the white blood cells and, thus, has an immune-enhancing effect. Because

Ginseng strengthens the nervous system, it can help to enhance memory

is recommended for the enhancement of peak physical and mental performance,

as well as for maintenance of mood and improvement of general resistance.

Active Botanicals Korean Ginseng provides 100 mg of herb extract, standardised

to 9.3% ginsenosides and equivalent to 500 mg of dried root.

Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng) 100mg standardised extract, 9.3% ginsenosides.....................500mg

capsule, twice a day (with food), or as professionAlly prescribed.

wheat, salt, corn, milk, yeast, glutens, artificial colouring, flavouring

Active Botanicals Korean Ginseng is recommended to enhance physical

stamina, productivity and immune function. Ginseng is a powerful body

tonic that can help to strengthen the body against infection and improve

general resistance. For anyone suffering from fatigue or exhaustion

and who is in need of increased vitality or improved physical performance,

Korean Ginseng is recommended. Both mental and physical performance

may benefit from daily supplementation with Active Botanicals Korean

Not to be used during pregnancy unless under the supervision of a qualified

practitioner. Not recommended for use with blood-thinning medication.

Use with caution in hypertensive individuals.

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