What To Do To Lose Weight-Double Your Workout.

What To Do To Lose Weight-Double Your Workout.

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What To Do To Lose Weight-Double Your Workout

Double The Calorie Burn

If lifting weights or body weight exercise are great ways to burn calories, then doubling up on those exercises would clearly be twice as beneficial. A Normal Weight Loss plan that includes weight lifting or body weight exercises are designed to help you burn 1-2 lbs per week. When you are thinking about what to do to lose weight adding lean muscle tissue to your body is easily the single best thing that you can do.

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The Science Backs it up

Every study that you look at will tell you that the best way to boost your metabolism is to lift weights. The results are astonishing, your metabolism rises and stays at a high level for up to 36 hours. But where it gets really interesting is when you build muscle on your body you burn more calories when you are doing nothing. So clearly adding muscle to your body is What To Do To Lose Weight.

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Double the exercise and Double the Results

It is easy to take a weight lifting exercise and double it in intensity. If you have dumbells and are doing a military press, which is lifting them over your head, that is good. But even better is to add a lunge into the lift. Thereby making it a full body exercise rather than just an upper body lift.

Squats added to any lift will give your body a much more difficult workout. If there was only one exercise that you could do and you had to lose as much weight as you could, the squat would be the exercise to do. Believe it or not, squats are better for burning belly fat than are crunches.

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A great core workout that burns calories like crazy is a reverse lunge with a medicine ball lift.
The way to do it is as you reverse lunge you lift the medicine ball above your head, then as you stand back up from your lunge lower the ball to the opposite side of your lunge. So if you lunge back with your left leg you lift the medicine ball to your right side. Then the next lift you reverse the procedure.

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Speaking of medicine balls, here is a great way to take a plank and make it much more of a full body exercise. Instead of planking on the ground, hold onto the medicine ball and plank off of it, and it you are really strong you can add a pushup to the plank. So hold the plank for 10 seconds and then do pushup an repeat until your chest and arms and stomach can’t take it any more.

You can see that with just a little bit of change to your work out you can easily double the effectiveness of each exercise. Add a squat or a lunge or a reverse lunge to almost any exercise and the results will astound you.